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Sam Sinan Yılmaz

Sam Sinan Yılmaz

Sam Sinan Yilmaz has over 23 years of flight experience. Born and raised in Australia where he completed his studies and flight training, he began his career working as a pilot in Australia .

Relocating to United Arab Emirates, he worked in V.V.I.P operations as pilot for high ranked officials. Thereafter, he joined Emirates Airlines as Captain on the Boeing 777, then late in his career joining Turkish Airlines.

Captain Sam has accumulated over 15,000 hours where 9000 hours were flown on Boeing 777. He now resides in Marmaris Turkey and operates the only gyroplane with floats (beach plane) in Turkey

Certificates & Licences

EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence
B777/787 type rating (currently active)
Multi Engine Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Licence
Ultralight Pilot Licence
Radiotelephony Licence
Amateur Seaman’s Boat Certificate

Flight Experience

Total Flight Experience 23 Years > 15000 hours

Airline Flight Experience 14700 Hours

Boeing 777 Flight Experience
9000 Hours

General Aviation Flight Experience
300 Hours

The Beach Plane

Safety being our first and foremost priority, we are introducing into service the brand new top of the art 2021 model MTOnautic Gyroplane

Nicknamed the “BEACH PLANE”, there are only 20 of them worldwide and now one of them has landed on the seas of Marmaris.

It boasts off a reputation of being the only Gyroplane (on floats) in the world with the brand new high advanced, high performance 915 Rotax engine. It is a first of a kind and has waved much interest throughout.

With a cruising speed of 100km per hour, a range of 2.5 hours flying time, and an altitude up to 9000’ it truly lives up to being "the ultimate experience"
Marmaris now has a new eye in the sky. An eye that can capture the awe inspiring beauty of what Marmaris and its spectacular bays has to offer

MTOnautic float gyroplane produced by AutoGyro Germany is a world market leader in development, production and distribution of gyroplanes. Since its foundation in 1999, the gyroplane specialists is growing steadily and has now a team of 100 highly qualified professionals and engineers. Since 2007, the company produces gyros in series and is able to put together one gyroplane per day. With distributors in nearly 40 countries, AutoGyro utilizes a global network with the aim to limitless implement the joy of flying in a safe and versatile gyro

Sam Sinan Yılmaz